Aldo F. Gonzáles

Aldo F. Gonzáles
Aldo F. Gonzáles

Pastor Aldo was born in Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico. He accepted Christ when he was 8 years old at a family Christian camp.

He grew up in Mexicali where he was a member of a local Baptist church and where he served as youth leader, Sunday School teacher and worship leader.

In 1993, the Lord called him to full-time ministry, so he moved to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico to attend a bible seminary where he studied a degree in Pastoral Theology and Bible. Upon graduation, he started a new church in the same city, together with a missionary.

He met his wife at a local church and they got married in 1996. Then, the Lord opened the door for them to serve in the United States at a Christian camp in Prescott, Arizona.

In September 2002, they started another new Spanish-speaking church in Mesa, Arizona as part of Trinity Church. The church grew to about 300 people.

In September 2013, they felt the need of starting another Spanish-speaking church and they planted Iglesia Ncuentro.

Pastor Aldo has a passion for excellence and encourages new believers to grow on their faith by becoming a true follower of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Aldo and his wife Gloria have three children: Jonhnathan, Jennifer and Jeffrey

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